Rare Images of Antietam and the Photographers Who Took Them

Thanks to a Hagerstown pal, I’ve acquired and am devouring Steve Recker’s wonderful new book Rare Images of Antietam and the Photographers Who Took Them.

A Washington County native, Recker has researched the lives of all the major photographers who took photos of Antietam battlefield: Elias Marken Recher, David Bachrach, W. B. King, J. H. Wagoner, and more.

Recker carefully investigated how each photographer came to take their pictures, and has painstakingly worked to understand what is depicted in each. Also included are some rarely-seen images of the photographers themselves. Some of these cartes de visite and stereoviews have never been seen before.

And you can’t get it on Amazon–only at area bookstores and at Recker’s site, Virtual Antietam. So virtually run, don’t walk, to his site and grab a copy before they sell out.

Read a Q & A with the author on John Banks’ Civil War Blog.

Read an article about Recker and his career in the Hagerstown Daily Mail.


  1. D.JEFFREY BROWN says:

    Hi waldonia, Its your hagerstown pal, Jeffrey Brown, i am glad you took my advice and scooped up steves great book. I am also glad to see your desire has not diminished one bit since last i had spoke with you. I have since collected a ton of baltimore cdv’s and cabinets (only unique shots or people) that I hope to someday give to you . I have been so busy writing my book on hagerstown in the civil war that I havent had time to check your blogs as much, but they are still awesome as usual. My great pal steve recker is speaking at hagerstown in a few months on early hagerstown photograhers and i will send you an invite. I have just uncovered the only picture that is known to exist of E M RECHER at penmar, it is only the 5th overall image of em recher that exists at all.. I felt compelled to give it to steve for all that he has done for me. He has inspired me to look at it from the photographers perspective, what made these amazing hagerstown artists shoot from that percise spot they used.etc,, . It is truly an honor for me to have a friend like steve He is going to unvail this rare e m recher stereograph at the talk, so i hope you can come to it. Thanks and best regards, D.JEFFREY BROWN P..S. Im sure steve would like to thank you for all the wonderful press you have given him and his book. I will reserve you a front row seat . and i will let you know in plenty of time. I hope your event book is clear on that date.

    1. waldonia says:

      Jeffrey, great to hear from you. What a find! And how generous of you to give it to Steve. I wish that I were not 3,000 miles away–which is why you’ve never seen me around Hagerstown–so I won’t be able to come to Steve’s event, but thank you so much for thinking of me. I’ll email you, because I think I still owe you a scan of a photo that you wanted for your book. Thanks again!

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