Stereoview of William T. Walters House “St. Mary’s,” Govans

This stereoview depicts the Baltimore County country home of William T. Waltersand family, “St. Mary’s.” No publisher’s name appears, but it strongly resembles views published by William M. Chase.

Another view, taken from the side, was published in William and Henry Walters: The Reticent Collectors, by William R. Johnston. Johnston dates the view to ca. 1875, and the house depicted there is consistent with the house we see here.

According to Johnston, the original 32-1/2 acre estate on Woodbourne Avenue was purchased in 1866 from Augustine Kohler. Walters enlarged it to 130 acres, and spent much of his time after the war cultivating gardens and orchards, and raising prize fowl, cattle, and Percheron horses brought from France.

The property stretched from Woodbourne Avenue north to Belvedere Avenue, and included a gatehouse for the tenant farmer, a large carriage house full of a wide variety of vehicles, a hothouse, stables, a bowling alley. and a small lake created by damming the stream, Chinquapin Run, that ran through the estate.

The house itself was “an 18-room frame structure with a tower built in the Italianate style” (Johnston, 47). The estate was sold in 1924; the house was razed and the land became part of today’s Chinquapin Run Park.

The large bronze mastiff statue next to the entrance was originally installed “on the portico of Mrs. William Gilmor’s house facing the Battle Monument” (Johnston, p. 48).

According to author Susan Taylor Block, after William’s son Henry T. Walters married Sarah “Sadie” Jones, the widow of his close friend Pembroke Jones, Walters moved the mastiff bronze to her estate, “Airlie,” in Wilmington Cove, North Carolina.

Today Airlie is a public gardens; the bronze mastiff statue was displayed for many years  on the Newport, Rhode Island estate of Jane Pope Ridgway (1917-1911)


  1. Parks says:

    Whose collection is this stereoview in?

    1. waldonia says:

      Thanks for reading my blog . . . The stereoview of the William T. Walters house “St. Mary’s” is part of my personal collection.

  2. Michael Corcoran says:

    bronze mastiff statue will be at auction on 3/14/2012 by Gustave J S White Estate Auctioneers at 10:00 call 401-841-5780

  3. Linda Themm says:

    I understand that the bronze mastiff statue will be going to Sotheby’s in New York for auction.

    1. waldonia says:

      I took a look at Sotheby’s site; nothing specific came up, but there is an auction in April of “19th Century Furniture and Decorative Arts;” maybe it will be in that one. If you find out anything more, I would love to know.

  4. Linda Themm says:

    The bronze mastiff statue is currently on the property of the late Jane Pope Akers Ridgway, grandaughter of Sarah Jones, in Newport, Rhode Island. It may be available at an upcoming estate sale.

    1. waldonia says:

      Wow–thanks for the info! If you find out anything else about the estate sale, please let me know!

  5. lviti says:

    Wow-Incredible old photo of this structure.

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